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Small Animal Grass Growing Kit - Small

Small Animal Grass Growing Kit - Small

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Only available in Australia due to customs restrictions

This grass growing kit not only helps your small pets, but is entirely made from recycled materials. This kit diverts forty plastic bottle lids from landfill. At The TOTI we want to create a safer, cleaner future for the planet, us and our pets and this grass growing kit is the perfect way to do it.

We chose to use barley grass seeds in this kit for a number of reasons:

  • It is high in fibre which guinea pigs and rabbits require daily
  • It aids with digestion
  • It contains vitamin C which is essential to guinea pigs
  • It is easy to grow and grows fast

Growing grass is a simple yet effective way to spoil your furry friend and create an enriching experience for them. For indoor pets it brings a piece of the outdoors, inside.

What this set includes:

1 pink and purple plant pot

1 envelope of barley grass seeds (40g)

1 coconut coir disc

Please note that while certain colour combinations were used to create each of the recycled items, the plastic melts together in all sorts of unique ways so what you receive may be slightly different from what is pictured. Every item is one of a kind!

Upgrade this to a set with 500 grams of barley grass seeds, by adding another a small grass growing kit and a tray to your cart - the upgrade will be automatically applied and will be discounted to the price of a large kit.

Free shipping! Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging is used. 

Instructions for growth:

1. Expand the coconut coir disc in a receptacle

2. Once the coconut coir has expanded move most of it into the plant pot, leaving about an inch from the top. 

3. Pour one teaspoon of seeds evenly over the surface.

4. Use the remaining soil to cover the seeds.

5. Water the seeds and place them out of direct sunlight either inside or outside.

6. Once the grass has reached 10cm it is ready to feed to your small animal!


Continue to water the soil whenever it doesn't appear damp. Ensure the seeds aren't piled over each other inside the pot. Remove the pot from your animals cage as soon as they have finished the grass - you don't want them nibbling on the edges of the pot.


Inner dimensions:

36mm across at the bottom

48mm across the top

Outer dimensions:

67mm wide at pots thickest point

73.5mm tall


Made on Wiradjuri Country, Australia

Recycled from 100% post-consumer plastic

Contains 100% LDPE (low density polyethylene (#4)

Not food grade

Weight of plant pot: 110 grams

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