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Recycled Tray - White, Pink, Light Blue

Recycled Tray - White, Pink, Light Blue

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This tray is recycled from approximately thirty bottle lids in the colours of white, pink and light blue. That means with this purchase you are helping divert plastic waste from landfill. Thank you for making thoughtful purchases and helping in our mission to go below the tip of the plastic waste iceberg!

Every item is one of a kind! While this tray is made using the same colours, the plastic melts together in all sorts of unique ways. What you receive may slightly differ than what is pictured.

We consider these trays as a homeware that can be used for a multitude of things. They can be utilised as a jewellery tray, catchall, soap dish or anything you desire.



30mm high

130mm long

80mm wide

Free shipping! Recyclable and eco-friendly packaging is used. 


Made on Wiradjuri Country, Australia

Recycled from 100% post-consumer plastic

Contains 100% HDPE (high density polyethylene (#4)

Not food grade

Weight: 85 grams

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